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                  J U K E B O X - L I S T    F A Q

Q1: What is this list about, anyway?
A1: This unmoderated mailing list is for the purpose of discussing
coin-operated phonographs and related accessories.  Items wanted or
for sale, technical discussion, history and trivia are welcome.
Q2: How do I send a message to the list?
A2: Address your message to "" just as 
you would send e-mail to anyone.  The list software will automatically 
re-mail it to all subscribers.  A meaningful subject line is appreciated.
For example, "Seeburg 3W-1 Wallbox - How to connect?" is better than
"Wallbox help?" and much better than "Help!!!!".  You must send 
the message from an address that is already subscribed to the list. 

Q3: How do I reply to someone else's message?
A3: If your reply is of general interest to the list, simply using the
reply function of your mailer will send your reply to all of the list
members.  This is the default, as the list address is shown as the
"Reply-To:" header line.  If your reply is not of general interest,
such as an offer on an item someone else has posted for sale, then
examine the message for the sender's address which will be shown as
the "From:" address, and send your mail to the individual.
As a rule, technical questions and answers are of interest to most of
the people on the list, as are announcements of parts sources, swap meets,
and the like.  The details of a business transaction such as making an
offer on an item offered for sale generally are not.
Q4: What kind of messages are acceptable?
A4: See A1 and A3.  This list really belongs to you, the people who
contribute to it.  I'm along for the ride as someone with an interest
in the hobby and the resources to maintain a mailing list.
Introductions from newcomers are often fun, hearing about people's
favorite jukes, successes in finding or making that rare part, etc.
As the net is global, hearing from collectors around the world and
regional differences in the industry and the hobby is often interesting.
Q5: What kind of messages are NOT acceptable?
A5: Flames or insults, blatantly commercial messages, messages not related
to jukeboxes or related items, rants, chain letters, etc.  Binary posts
or attachments of any kind such as "WINMAIL.DAT" or RTF files.  Mail
formatted in HTML.  Please send messages in plain text only.
It would be a good thing if the list were to continue to grow and thrive,
so by all means feel free to contribute things that you think may be of
interest, but try not to post off-topic "noise".
If a resource is available on the web or by FTP, it is preferable to
post a URL pointing to the site as opposed to quoting it to the list.
Dealers are of course welcome, but please participate in the discussion
and try not to be too "salesy".  This is an interactive forum, not a
broadcast medium!
Q6: How about a FAQ for jukeboxes, as opposed to one just about the
A6: That's a great idea, thanks for volunteering! ;-)  Seriously, a
jukebox-related FAQ would be nice to have.  I'm willing to contribute,
archive, webify, etc. if anyone wants to take on such a project.
Jay Hennigan
administrator, jukebox-list

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