I’m no expert, and anyone feel free to overrule me. I use C-clamps secured to the eaves as guy attachment points for my 30-ft sectional military surplus mast. I have used 2” x 4”s cut into blocks and screwed together to provide an offset from the roof, with hefty eyelets screwed into pilot holes drilled in the wood blocks, as needed for the guy rope to have a straight shot to the eyelet. I secure these to the eaves with bigger 8” C-clamps.

I use Dacron rope for the guys—3/16” I think. Plenty strong and durable, and non-metallic.

I put yet another C-clamp right where the mast meets the eave, and use nylon rope wrapped around clamp and mast, for extra longevity against strong winds.

For a finishing touch, spray paint the clamps and wood blocks to match the color of the eaves. It is surprising how inconspicuous they will be.

Use points of opportunity for guys, such as raised spots on the roof. They don’t have to be exactly 120 degrees apart. I have a fourth guy on one level, attached to a tree.

This is what has worked for me. Hope it helps!

Dave Hackleman, K6VML

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I am planning on installing a push-up mast and I am wondering what the best way to attach the guywires to the roof is.

The mast is a push-up 30-ft mast attached to the ground and the side of the building in the corner where the building makes an "L" in the picture below:
I will attach two sets of guywires, one set at 20ft and the other one at the top (30ft).
However, I am unsure about what the best way is to attach the guywires to the roof. Do you have any recommendations?
Can I trust some eyebolts? How long do you think they should be? How would you seal the whole? Silicone caulk?

Thank you!

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