Oh wow, that is so cool, thanks Al!!! I had a feeling you might track this down.

It is loaded with helpful detailed instructions. FB on QST references.

Jack lives!

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here is a copy of the sheet you requested. Note: upper left corner has ARRL QST references. This antenna was originally designed as a Novice HF band antenna in the 1960s era. 

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Hello all, Long ago, I bought the coils (traps?) that Jack Goodearl used to make for 40/80 meter dipoles and sell at SBARC meetings. I never happened to use them but stored them away all these years. Well now they might come in handy for a fellow ham with space limitations. But I misplaced Jack’s sheet of instructions telling where exactly to place them along the wires. Does anyone have this instruction sheet?! Thanks, Dave Hackleman K6VML Sent from my iPhone _______________________________________________ SBARC-list mailing list SBARC-list@lists.netlojix.com http://lists.netlojix.com/mailman/listinfo/sbarc-list