[Jukebox-list] China, Seeburg advertising

Chan Gade chan.gade at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 06:52:23 PST 2012

I can't help but see a certain historical irony here. Today, the rise of China is sending unease throughout much of East and Southeast Asia and driving many nations there into closer alliance with No. America.    This, after many years of speculating that these countries would actually shift their focus to China.

When I'm in Bangkok my Thai friends often talk about the huge and growing presence of Chinese ex-pats.  My own history there only goes back to July 2006 and at that time China was still seen as some sort of future power however, this was not yet seen as a threat. Recent aggressive arms build-up and a slow shift from soft power to a more militant stance has scared some of our wavering allies back into our camp.

Even the Philippines whose long and close relationship with us cooled off after the Subic Bay base was closed is back wanting a more visible American presence


Having close friends  in that area of the world, I'm glad to see us refocusing our interest there rather than the Middle East where we will never be regarded as much more than 'infidels'.


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