[Jukebox-list] Re: Wurly 1650 arrives in MD

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nice pics, don't you just love that photobucket!  We can all share our 
adventures, lol  I think your pain is in better condition than mine on the 
mech tray.  There is quite a bit of rust towards the front.  The good news 
is.......it's not so noticeable when you look at it because it's so far 

I was wondering about cleaning up the mech.....did I read somewhere you 
could spray ammonia on all the working parts (gears contacts etc) but not 
get the motor wet?  Then rinse with spraying clear water on it?

The mech is so dirty, the pinbank is on it's side, don't know if you can get 
that wet either.  There are 3 motors on this, a large black one and 2 
stacked to the right of that.  I don't think they can get wet and I could 
wrap them in a plastic bag if I am just going to spray ammonia.  I am at a 
standstill until I figure out how to clean that Mech on the sawhorses, LOL
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> Here is the photobucket album I promised:
> _http://s241.photobucket.com/albums/ff139/JukinJC/Clean%20Seeburg%20mech%20and
> %20keyboard/?action=view&current=Seeburgcleanmechpictures020.jpg_
> (http://s241.photobucket.com/albums/ff139/JukinJC/Clean%20Seeburg%20mech%20and%20keyboard/
> ?action=view&current=Seeburgcleanmechpictures020.jpg)
> I did get a picure of the grunge on the inside of the mech cover.
> This cleaning won't remove rust but it removes everything else.If your 
> paint
> is in bad shape it might lift but at least it will be  as clean as it can
> possibly get.Don't leave either on good paint more than a few 
> minutes,especially
> the ammonia.Then you can repaint as needed.Also Gumout  carbuerator 
> cleaner and
> CRC Brakeclean is good at cleaning  grungy mech parts but keep both off 
> paint
> and plastic.
> I did take the latchbar solenoid loose and wrap in a sandwich bag when
> washing that keyboard.I always take the parts off that don't like water on 
> the mechs
> but I don't mind soldering.Easier  for me when I don't have to worry about
> water getting into a bag that's not 100 % waterproof especially with wires
> protruding from the top when I'm trying to get the mech clean.
> I bet your Wurlizer mech will clean up just about as good as these parts
> cleaned up.
> J.C.
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> writes:
>>p.s. I'm gonna email you a picture of the STD3 Seeburg Sunstar mech alll
>>cleaned up with ammonia and scrubbing bubbles. This mech was very nasty.I
> have to
>>slide it out anyway.I got some weatherstripping foam to replace the rotten
>>foam on the doors and I don't want the old crumbling stuff all over and in
> the
>>nice  clean mech. Everything that is now silver was brown.Too bad I didn't
> take
>>a before picture.The Seeburg C base you saw the grungy picture of on my
> camera
>>came that clean also but needs a repaint as some of the paint was loose
>>before I started and of course it lifted off in the cleaning process.I got
> it all
>>masked off but I don't have an indoor area to do painting in so waiting 
>>warmer weather.Oh I have a picture of a Seeburg keyboard that was full of
> sticky
>>soda residue that was cleaned up in my bathtub....lol.I only wish I had
> taken
>>more before pictures of some the grungy stuff I've cleaned up like you 
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