[Jukebox-list] really hokey ?

Pat2355 at aol.com Pat2355 at aol.com
Sat Mar 1 12:04:51 PST 2008

I own several jukes and my favorite oldie is a Rock-ola Regis. For some  
ridiculous reason I really like the royalty theme and the jewel in the tone arm.  
Now I'm putting glass crystal in the turntable centers over the oil  hole. 
Also in the turntable center of my Rowe Bubble to create a prism  affect. I see 
no problem with adding a personal touch to our jukes. Just  keep in mind if the 
buyer doesn't share your vision you're selling price could  suffer. Remember 
that the V/VL seeburg drums were once too much trouble to  maintain. Even the 
nut that uses a juke cabinet to house MP3 player is  acknowledging their 
appreciation of the designer's styling. Postman  Pat

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