[Jukebox-list] Need Seeburg decal

Ron Rich ronnnrich at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 2 12:17:04 PST 2008

  I don't think anyone, even the "most commonly used source" has ever produced one. The "original" was a silk screened sign---Ron Rich

Aaron Heverin <aaron at vertasource.com> wrote:
  Hey all.
Does anyone on the list have...or know of another source beside the "most commonly used" source who shall go unmentioned because I'm ticked off at them... a "Seeburg" decal that would go on the upper back door of a Q or AY 160? I'd like one in silver, but a white one is fine too. I'm desperate here so if anyone has one or can suggest a source where I could get one in the next 5 days the cash is on it's way. Thanks!

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