[Jukebox-list] The first thing you have to address is that unholy high pitched whine....

Mechanical Music of S.F. mechanicalmusic at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 16 16:36:41 PST 2006

HA HA!  You said it.

The further we get into the touch-screen era, the worse it gets.  People 
can't change a tire or vacuum cleaner belt to save their lives.
Even people who should know better, like the guy who was in his 40's and saw 
me changing records in my Seeburg Firestar on location and said... I'm not 
kidding.... "What kind of CDs are those?"

Another gal told me it wasn't working right as it never plays her selection, 
so I asked her to show me and she lightly touched a selection... didn't 
actually press the buttons, just lightly touched them.   It's not like a 
Firestar is even electromechanical.  It's a digital machine with relatively 
easy to push buttons....

Fewer and fewer of us remember.

Kyle ~
Mechanical Music of San Francisco

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