[Jukebox-list] Rockola 1426 wiring problems

Jens Hultgren drjukebox at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 11:14:18 PST 2006

Hi Shawn,

the manual doesn't show much of how the machine is put together, and neither
does the diagrams. You can't see from the diagrams how the wires were run in
the cabinet, but you can use it to make your own layout.
The best for you is to find someone in the KC area with a 1422 or 1426 since
these two models are very similar (or possibly a 1428, but it is not built
the same way).
If you can look at an actual unmolested machine, it will save you many hours
and a few headaches.

Second best would be if you can find someone who can take pics and mail to
you. But there should be several 1426 Rockolas within driving distance.
Someone like Rick Botts would know more (he's editor of Jukebox Collector's
Newsletter and lives in Des Moines), give him a call.

I once 'almost' bought a nice original set of 1422-26-28 from Ray Eklund in
Lee's Summit, he may still be around (but the jukeboxes probably sold by now

As for the amp, you still need the tubes. You haven't changed anything, you
have just replaced old parts with new identical ones.

You will feel real good about yourself when it is lit up and playing again-

            enjoy, Jens

On 1/12/06, Shawn Mann <smann at azahner.com> wrote:
> I am currently restoring a rockola 1426 rockola.  I am getting close to
> being finished.  I have completed refinishing the entire cabinet with
> new veneer/stain/clearcoats, rechroming parts on the door, replacing
> window, and reassembling.  I currently have repaired and replaced all
> parts to get all lights and rotating features working.  The amp has been
> rebuilt with new soldered in pieces for the amp.  The power motor works
> to lift up records.  The turntable motor is working.  The unit when I
> received it didn't have the coin mechanism in it.  I did find a good
> working coin mechanism unit(suppose to be working as advertised but
> haven't tested yet).  My potential problems deals with the current
> wiring of each of the internal parts.  The original reproduction manual
> that I purchased from Victory glass is hard to follow regarding wiring.
> 1.  Is there anyone real familar with the correct wiring sequence from
> the 3 prong plug as it comes from the power supply for the correct order
> to the power motor, switches, turntable motor, and over to the lower
> tone arm switch.  Wires have been cut and spliced back together.  I am
> trying to figure out how to get the coin changer mechanism hooked back
> up an working as original.  I believe that they switched the wiring
> around to bepass the original coin changer.  Currently if you turn my
> unit on the selector doesn't work on the door.  The unit just starts by
> selecting and rotating over the first record, second record, third
> record, and so on.  I would definitely be interested in emailing back
> and forth a hand sketch scanned for confirmation and review.  I am
> located in the Kansas City area and even willing to meet with someone.
> 2.  When I get to the point of starting my jukebox for the first time to
> listen to records I want to make sure the amp is going to fire up.  The
> next question regard my lack of experience dealing with the rebuilding
> of the amp.  Since I put the compete rebuilt kit into the amp, do I
> still need to use the tubes on the top side or did the new items added
> below replace the use of tubes?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> -Thanks Shawn
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