[Jukebox-list] Seeburg LS1 Spectra

Steve Thomas steventhomas42 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 13:23:29 PDT 2001

  First, a description of what it does do.

  When we arrived at home with it, I put a single into the first position
and pressed the manual credit switch once. It clicked. I then selected "A1".
The mechanism moved across to that position, then went back to the home
position and stopped. I cannot get it to take another selection.

  When you move the service switch to "Scan or Credit", the mechanism moves
across the unit completely twice, then returns to the left side and stops.
While it is scanning, the A-V and 1-8 lights on the selection playing window
scan as well. When it finishes, it says that T8 is playing.

  When you power on the unit, you can hear a motor humming behind the Album
Display Unit, but the covers don't turn.

  My questions and observations so far:

  1) Would it decrease the value of the finished product if my friend the
locksmith replaces the case locks rather than making me a new key? (He said
someone attempted to pick the locks before and it would be better to replace
them than to try to find blanks).

  2) What do you call the fake wood plastic trim that covers the edges of
the particle board? Where can you find it? Would it be better to replace it
with veneer trim? Someone laid their cigarette on it while making a
selection and burned it.

  3) For that matter, does changing the "wood" type from dark to lighter
veneer hurt the value?

  4) The seller sent me a message that a cotter pin being missing keeps it
from engaging. Right now, it will scan for the 45, but it doesn't pull it
out to play it. This is the only mechanical thing I know about it right now.

  5) Looking at the Tormat unit, on the left side, there is a plastic 6-wire
plug (colors: yellow, red, purple, orange, light blue, white) that is
hanging loose. I see nothing near there that it could pug into. Is this a
hookup for an option?

  6) Also from the left side of the tormat, there is a thicker black
insulated wire (about 1/8" in diameter) that has stranded aluminum (?) wires
surrounding a single green insulated wire. The other end of this wire is
connected to nothing.

  7) From the right hand side, there is a plastic 12-wire plug (1 empty
position) also hanging loose. Again, nowhere obvious to attach it.

  If there is someone who knows these units and would be willing to accept a
phone call, I'd be glad to call. You can e-mail me directly with the phone
number and the best times to call.

  Thanks for any help you can offer. BTW, I will be ordering a Service
Manual tomorrow when I get paid.


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