[Jukebox-list] bandshell (USC-1) select problem.....

Jens Hultgren drjukebx at algonet.se
Sun Jan 7 09:13:53 PST 2001

Bruce Farmer, you will need to take the keypad apart and clean the
contacts, perhaps with an eraser (ok, so I won't tell what I use). In
spite of the goldplated contacts, these almost always need cleaning. If
the grey box receives a signal it can't decode, the red light will come
  I bet that will cure it, but if it won't, get back with us. The grey
boxes are mostly ok, and if not they can still sometimes be repaired. I
bought 5 grey and 5 black boxes from the shelf of a parts dealer, and lo
and behold, they all worked.
  Any snow yet? :)

BSA King wrote:
> Any ideas? - I get a reset light the minute I select numeral 2 on the
> keypad. Every other one is A-OK. Does this mean I have a dead grey box (hope
> not), or is there something else I can check?
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