SV: [Jukebox-list] Seeburg VL-200 ??

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Thu Aug 30 00:19:39 PDT 2001


There is an excellent explanation and fault finding guide for the Tormat
selection system on Tony Miller's web site. He is an ex Seeburg engineer and
writes with some authority on these matters.

Check out:


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What I meant was that if there is a FAQ anywhere for jukers, the answer to
this problem should be in there.
However - a search at  for "tormat selection problem"
gave 19 hits, all in alt.collecting.juke.boxes, and a search at gave 7 hits, taking me to the pages of our Tony Miller, Geoff
Young, and Bill Bickers.

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> IF you find the link, please let us know. I have about 4 or 5 with that 
> problem waiting for me to get to them!
> thanks.
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> You have a short or an intermittent somewhere in the circuitry - could be 
> just about any component or any connector. To trace the problem, you can 
> start by pulling the RCA plug, which will probably stop the mech from 
> picking any selections. Tubes can also be pulled, and if you have known
> ones, try these. Caps and resistors you'll have to replace. You can use a 
> 1,5 volt battery to charge and reset all the toroids/selections.
>    I had a KD with intermittent selecting problems, where I replaced every

> single component, to no avail. Took a while to figure out that one tube 
> socket was slightly corroded - even cleaning it with a file didn't help - 
> had to replace it.
>    How to solve this problem should be in a FAQ somewhere on the www - it 
> must be the most frequently asked question in forums like this, don't you 
> think?
>              Jens
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> Subject: [Jukebox-list] Seeburg VL-200 ??
>  > My Seeburg VL-200 will scan back & forth... grab a
>  > record but then spits it back... then keeps doing the
>  > same thing until all selections are done. Would anyone
>  > know what I could check?
>  >
>  >                Thanks for ANY information!!
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