SV: [Jukebox-list] Wurlie 1800 goes crazy

W. Schroeder Mr.Django at
Mon Apr 30 08:22:25 PDT 2001

Strange and unpleasant things happen on ebay all the time and ebay is not very interested. A few weeks ago there was a no-reserve auction for a tube tester. Three minutes(!) before the end of the auction the seller first cancelled my bid because "the item was in the wrong category", then he stopped the auction. At that time I was the only bidder. 

In my email to the seller I told him that I was not amused. He replied: "the item was in the wrong category and you knew that and wanted to steal it!"

I was even less amused and wrote a few lines to ebay. They told me "we know how you feel" but otherwise a seller has the right to cancel bids and auctions.  

So if you feel the need to insult some people start an auction on ebay.


jukebox-list at schrieb am 30.04.01:
> Yah, good thinking Bob. Especially if the third auction presents an OUTRAGEOUS untouched one owner V200 with an intriguing background story, and a unique FACTORY NAUGAHYDE CABINET FINISH. And if bidding goes over 10k  ;0)
>                 Jens
> > I would say to archive the two auctions, and if there is a third, then
> > present the case.               --Bob

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