[Jukebox-list] freeplay on NSM Festival?

Farmer.Bruce at ic.gc.ca Farmer.Bruce at ic.gc.ca
Sun Apr 22 14:55:27 PDT 2001

Thanks Rick! - I will check it out to see if mine has that plug in below the
service switch. If so, I can just make a jumper plug to slap onto it when I
want the freeplay (probably always). LYK if I have such a plug on mine. That
explains why I couldn't find such a switch!

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Hi John,
The "Key Switch" is not the one in the lid, but an optional "on/ off" switch

added (plugged into) the "master computer" box which is on the right side of

the "audio/ power amp" box. The connector is a 2 conductor plug/ jack in the

middle, left side of the computer just below the "cabinet sw" plug/jack (on 
my NSM City 2). If you don't have the NSM key sw, just make one (as I did) 
out of an old juker computer, using the "keyboard key lock" key sw. from the

front of the cabinet. You'll have to cut down the connector to make it fit, 
and is doesn't matter which way the wires are connected...now the settings 
in the manual will work to engage "free play". When done correctly, you''ll 
see "free" on the display when you close the lid. Hoe this helps, Rick

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>To: jukebox-list at lists.netlojix.com
>Subject: Re: [Jukebox-list] freeplay on NSM Festival?
>Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 09:58:49 -0700
>I think the key switch is the one that is closed by the lid of the jukebox.
>So i believe you have to have the lid open to make changes. Otherwise all
>the programming is done by the keypad, and the 'key switch' is the enter
>key (I think).
>John :-#)#
>At 07:46 AM 4/22/2001, you wrote:
>>I **think** I have pretty welll everything sorted out on it now (for now -
>>famous last words), with the exception of snagging a new darlington output
>>transistor for 1 audio channel.
>>However, I can't figure out how to get it into freeplay.
>>I have the manual, enter the op code, get to the C3 setting, set it to
>>00000, then I have to find a key switch to turn it on, if it has one. They
>>refer to it, but never state where it is. Where do I find this thing - if
>>it exists on mine?
>>If I do not have one - does this mean I can't get free plays?
>>I don't know if anyone is familiar with this brand to advise or not.
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