[Jukebox-list] Rock Ola 484 Problems...

edinman edinman at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 21 11:50:12 PDT 2001

Phil wrote:

> I had got a spare PROFIT SELECTOR (the double tiered one - 52455A) and
> changed around bits until I got everything going again.  After a couple of
> hours of fiddling and checking voltages fuses (all of which were fine!) I
> managed to get the keyboard and display working again.  The TOP THREE
> fired up and displayed 100  110   120 and nothing I selected made a
> difference.

The 484 is designed to be used with profit setter board 53355-A.
Substituting the older board may not be a good idea.

Did the machine have the 52455A board installed when you bought it?  Do you
know why the original equipment was replaced?

At any rate, try the following steps:

1. Disconnect and discard the "battery unit" located under the tonearm.
2. Remove the power regulator board (52350A) from the power supply and
throrughly clean all terminals with rubbing alcohol.
3 Replace board, turn power on, and reset the 25VAC yellow button curcuit
4. Remove the low power voltage plug and at the pink wire terminal carefully
adjust the voltage to precisely 9.6 VDC using the R220 screw on the power
regulator board.
5. Make sure that all three red LED indicators on the power asembly board
are properly lighted.  If LED #2 is not lighted, this would cause the
display numbers to fail.  If this is the case, double check all fuses within
the power supply.

> have replaced the HIT TRACKER With a
>lightly different model - but nothing happens.

Again, if at all possible, do not substitute any parts with "slightly
different" models.  This can cause unexplained problems.  The 484 should use
Hit Tracker board 53365A and the only thing that would typically need
replacement would be the exposed lithium battery.

Hopefully the above steps will restore your indicator display numbers.  Let
me know how you come out.


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