[Jukebox-list] a question, a comment, & a tip.

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Mon Apr 2 19:34:31 PDT 2001

well thanks - that ratchet assembly is one more thing to check out. 
Presumably the scr or switch triggering increments this ratchet as well.

It sounds like Siskel & Eibert both give two thumbs down to my home fix on 
contact edges. Turns out what I thought was solder is tin with better 
properties. We'll see how this all works out now that it has been done.

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>Subject: Re: [Jukebox-list] a question, a comment, & a tip.
>Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 12:01:39 -0700 (PDT)
>On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, BSA King wrote:
> > The q:
> >
> > The culprit is my Seeburg FireStar. A select problem - was working. Now 
> > I press the keys, it does not start to scan and pickup. If I click the 
> > switch, it will go & work fine.
> >
> > Dr. J suggested  check the scan board. There's a SCR (Silicon Controlled
> > Rectifier), similar to a triac, that pulses the scan control solenoid. 
> > solenoid can also be pulsed with the switch I mentioned.
> >
> > Thing I now noticed today is that it selects perfectly if I push the 
> > while it is either playing or scanning, but not from a stop position. 
> > what threw me at first - thought it was fixed, then it wasn't. There is 
> > pattern to it.
>That one's newer than most I've dealt with, but there are two things that
>happen when you make a selection.  One is to set a flag to trip the mech to
>play that record when it scans by, and the other is to cause the mechanism
>to scan (or remain scanning).  With pinbanks, the scan starting was done by
>means of a contact washer grounding a contact whenever one or more pins was
>selected.  With Tormats, a two-step rachet was set that decremented once 
>scan.  so, it sounds as if the "More selections may remain" function is not
>happy.  You'll likely need a manual to go further.
> > The (well, potential) tip:
> >
> > While starting with basics, I took the keypad out of the FireStar and
> > noticed the contacts on the board were not in the best of shape. Sort of
> > surprised that the copper traces appeared of different thickness, 
> > etc.  I had tried cleaning them, but they still had that flakey feel in
> > terms of contact. What I did was recoat them all in solder to thicken up 
> > edges a bit.
> >
> > I clamped the pieces so I had a 'third hand', then coated the traces 
> > solder. Nice & clean and even & not too much heat - don't want to lift
> > thoses traces off the board. Then I used solder wick about the same size 
> > each trace. Heated up the braid on the pad connector until solder flowed
> > into the braid, and slowly pulled the braid towards me (towards the 
> > edge of the trace). This left a really smooth solder built up trace 
>which I
> > then polished and cleaned.
> >
> > Now that board has a real nice factory snug feel to it, instead of being 
> > sloppy fit. My problems still exist (see q: above), but at least I am 
> > pretty sure it is not that part causing it.
>This is likely to cause many problems down the road.  Solder-plated contact
>surfaces tend to oxidize and cause problems.  Generally, contacts are tin
>plated or gold plated, with gold being preferred and more expensive.  If
>this is an edge connector, I'd recommend either attempting to tighten up
>the mating contacts or replace the mating connector.  I would not recommend
>solder-plating or "tinning" contact areas with solder.
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