[Jukebox-list] mm-3 wiring

Joe Alberti jalberti at pacbell.net
Mon Jul 31 10:12:36 PDT 2000

Thanks, Jim.

Bill Bickers rebuilt my SHFA-2 amp for my Seeburg Q-160.  He did an
excellent job.  I got lucky and found another amp on e-bay.  Got it for
$5.00 and some change.  Plan is to check this one out.  If it's shot too,
I'll send one out for rebuild.  When I get it back, I'll send the other out,
thus having one as a spare.

My manuals have not arrived yet, but I was browsing Bill Bicker's website
and found the cap kit for my amp.  It said that the jukebox I have has a
three part amp?  I went back and looked real close at my machine and noticed
that the cable that plugs into the socket on the amp labeled 'Cabinet
Speakers' runs to another box that has two large transformers and two
terminal strips. I can't for the life of me find a third component for the
amp.  Can anyone tell me what these individual components do?

Also,  I think this machine is trying real hard to retire, and is getting
angry cause I won't let it.  It now has a problem with the credit
accumulator.  It will rack up credits just fine when quarters are deposited,
however it will not subtract credits as selections are made.  This is new,
since it has been working fine for the last two weeks.

One more question.  On the service switch panel, there are two rotary knobs
that I guess are used to set the pricing.  How do you determine how to set
these knobs?  I would like the machine to give two credits for a quarter,
and five credits for fifty cents, etc.  Like I said,  I can't wait for the
manuals to come! :o)

Thanks for all the help so far from everyone.

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> joe, bill bickers is good, he is down in georgia. im better at tube amps
> than solid state ones , but it sounds like you may need a rebuld. you
> might try swapping the output transistors on the amp, they are  mounted
> to the black finned heat sink, you may have to take a cover off to see
> them. there should be 4 there, 2 for each channel, just swap them in
> pairs , be careful to install them correctly.   jim
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