[Jukebox-list] Welcome, Wilhelm (and Off-topic subject)

W.F.Schroeder django at germanynet.de
Sat Jul 29 11:32:57 PDT 2000

Hello Bob,
this is really funny and no, I am not offended in any way :-)  However,
I think it is pure fiction. There is only one Paderborn in Germany and
we don't have a zoo. I checked the telephone book and there is not a
single entry for the name Riesfeldt in Germany. Maybe he was the last
one :-)

Regarding the stepper I think I will 'step back' from aquiring one.
Nimko sent me an offer and I hope he is not offended that the quote was
a bit surprising to me. Regarding jukeboxes I consider myself to be a
greenhorn. Six weeks ago I couldn't tell a jukebox from a fridge and
therefore I had absolutely no idea how much a stepper would be. A local
guru now informed me about wallbox prices and I don't have one either.
So I will concentrate on other things like the amp, the cartridge and
records. I love flea markets and found an Elvis record today (Are you
lonesome tonight) for 50 cents. What a day :-)


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