[Jukebox-list] Intro and Tempo II stepper question

John Robertson jrr at flippers.com
Fri Jul 28 08:00:26 PDT 2000

Might work, often the difference between stepper models is the number of 
selections, and the 1478 might be a simple upgrade for the 1738. You will 
need to compare the schematics. Too many letters is not a problem if the 
sequence of selections is the same. Wall boxes typically send out a stream 
of pulses, a pause, and the second stream. With each stream being either 
the letters or numbers. If you have a wall box that has, for example, 20 
numbers and 8 letters it can send the streams either numbers first or 
letters first. If letters first, and you are using the stepper in a 200 
selection machine that should not be a problem. If numbers first then there 
is no problem. The order of pulses matters, i.e.- "A->K" vs "K->A", again 
the schematics should sort that out.

A number of years ago we rigged up a device to have an IBM computer used to 
control an OMT-45/CD, and it should be possible to control a regular 45 
stepper style juke with even a simple PIC computer interface if someone 
wants to take on the challenge.

John :-#)#

At 07:31 AM 7/28/00, Wilhelm Schroeder wrote:
>my name is Wilhelm Schroeder from Paderborn, Germany, and I am new to this 
>list.  About two weeks ago I bought a \'dead\' Rock-Ola 1478 and at that 
>time I had no idea how a jukebox works. After installing another gripper 
>motor, taking the gripper mechanism apart for cleaning and fixing a relay 
>contact it now selects and plays. Hurray :-)
>I think the correct stepper for this Tempo II 120 is a 1738. I couldn\'t 
>find one but got an offer for a 1748. To my knowledge this is the stepper 
>for the 200 selection model. Can the 1748 stepper be used with a 120 
>selections Tempo II ?
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