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Don Kasbohm donkaz at lycos.com
Sun Jul 23 21:25:30 PDT 2000

Hi all.

I though someone here might be interested in these. I got this list for a dealer in Nevada. Email him directly as NVARCADE at aol.com if you would like more info. I know nothing about these machines and I have no affiliation with the seller, other than the fact that I recently purchased a Gottlieb Buccaneer from him.


As your into jukes too, here is my list. Prices are not cast in concrete
This is a list of about 30 or so jukes that we must move out as we are
moving to larger facilities at the end of August. Most of these were machines
that we took in on trade over the past several years. We used to have a restoration operation but we no longer have the time to restore older
We use Jack Rabbit Shipping that is out of Phoenix, AZ and travels about
800 miles from his hub. We are 40 miles S E of Reno, NV. We are motivated to
sell these machines in large quantities and we have the ability to deliver them
in our own company truck as well, ( up to 20 at a time )
I have made a quick list and will examine any machine you have interest in
with you over the phone. We will gladly pick up your representative from
the Reno Tahoe Int airport for the purpose of looking at the machine
inventory. Here is the list.
> Seeburgs
> AQ-160 seems complete and in nice shape 600.00
> A-160 seems complete and in nice shape 600.00
> SQS-160 Vogue Quad, plays? 400.00
> USC-2 Bandshell complete 300.00
> USC-2 missing buttons 175.00
> USC-2 shopped and very very nice 750.00
> STD-160 plays? 300.00
> SPS-2 complete 200.00
> SPS-2 complete less ballast for lights 150.00
> 5 LPC-1s and LS-480, parts machines, you may get 3 out of the lot 500.00
> Rock-Ola
> Imperial, plays and is very nice 500.00
> 452 console plays 200.00
> 498 the last 45 player, very clean small size 400.00
> Wurlitzers
> 2800 complete with 2 broken glass's ( available ) 500.00
> 2800 complete and nice 650.00
> 2150 very very nice original complete less back door, 900.00
> 3- 2150 s machines for parts, not complete 400.00 for all
> Rowe Ami
> JEL nice and complete 300.00
> R-82 needs sprag gear 200.00
> R-82 clean plays 275.00
> MM-5 complete 175.00
> MM-6 complete 175.00
> R-81 complete 175.00
> TI-2 plays 250.00
> complete guts from a Rowe console early 80s era, would make a great test
> fixture, amp doesnt play, 200.00 for all
> Thats the list, e mail me with any questions or for our phone number.Doug

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