[Jukebox-list] AMi I front bumper

Jens A. Hultgren drjukebx at algonet.se
Thu Jul 20 16:20:55 PDT 2000

The H model has the bumper, not the I.......but the steel piece you're
talking about is not easy to make nice, once rusted. Should be
rechromed, really, but I have never seen it done so I don't know how it
would look. Sometimes replating doesn't work well - for instance on your
machine the selector panel chrome pieces - they have a fine pattern that
will not stand any amount of grinding/polishing. 
  Best is to find a nice original part. I have one, but to ship it...it
is also a beast to reassemble.

Pelham West wrote:
> Don
> That metal finish is very thin so don't polish it too much, particularly
> with something like metal polish. If I remember ,you have to unbolt it from
> inside the cabinet after removing or sliding back the mechanism. Please
> don't spray it. Best option is to get it replated by someone good - it's
> only money, nothing important.
> Pelham
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> Subject: [Jukebox-list] AMi I front bumper
> > Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the rust off this piece?
> I'm referring to the part with the "crinkled" metal finish where the
> light-up teardrops are. These are supposed to be shiny, mine is rusty and
> dingy. Tried chrome polish and it did clean up the surface quite nicely, but
> it doesen't clean out the grooves down inside the crinkles. How do I remove
> this piece from the cabinet? I was contemplating on either getting it
> replated (don't really wanna pay for that) or spray painting it silver
> (don't really wanna do that either).
> >
> > Anyone have a nice shiny spare one they'd be willing to part with? :)
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> > Don
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