[Jukebox-list] AMi I front bumper

Don Kasbohm donkaz at lycos.com
Wed Jul 19 03:17:56 PDT 2000

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the rust off this piece? I'm referring to the part with the "crinkled" metal finish where the light-up teardrops are. These are supposed to be shiny, mine is rusty and dingy. Tried chrome polish and it did clean up the surface quite nicely, but it doesen't clean out the grooves down inside the crinkles. How do I remove this piece from the cabinet? I was contemplating on either getting it replated (don't really wanna pay for that) or spray painting it silver (don't really wanna do that either).

Anyone have a nice shiny spare one they'd be willing to part with? :)


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