[Jukebox-list] More R:s

Jens A. Hultgren drjukebx at algonet.se
Tue Jul 18 10:11:29 PDT 2000

Two fo them, going on ebay within 3 minutes of each other. 
One is described as "very nice original"

from dealer Frank Zygmunt in Chitown. Has the original cloth, FWICT.
Bidding is up to 1275.00, reserve met.

The other is from a private party, supposedly working older restoration,
described only as "nice".

Bidding is at 2700.00, reserve not met.

So the "nice" machine costs twice as much as the "very nice". Now -
which one would you prefer to have? 
I know for myself - but then I know how to work on them. However, buying
a "working" machine from an estate - how much work do you think it would
need to actually be  "restored". There's no telling - perhaps Frank's
machine is actually a better candidate?

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