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> On Mon, 17 Jul 2000 16:43:37
>  Jay Hennigan wrote:
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> >On the subject of Rs and detail, this may also apply to the J model.
> >
> >The mech cover of mine is cracked at the top screw, where they all are.
> >I was noticing that the medallion on my mech cover was stuck in place
> >with something resembling tar.  Black, void-filling glue.  Managed to
> >very carefully saw through the goo with dental floss and free the emblem
> >in order to work on the mech cover.
> >
> >But, I've seen others, and have a J emblem (the red one) that appear to
> >have been fastened with four screws or rivets through holes in the
> >of the emblem.  I think the ones without holes look a bit classier.  Any
> >one know the story here?  Are some of them early aftermarket repros or
> >did Seeburg change the design and if so which are earlier?
> The one on my machine was just held in place with four screws. BUT...the
heads of the screws had some sort or a fancy decorative square pattern on
them. The nuts are hidden out of sight on the backside of the cover. Whether
or not they all came this way, I haven't a clue. I was in Mike Fulpers shop
this weekend, and I did see another R mech cover in there that looked like
the emblem had been stuck on with this black stuff.
> If you want to screw the emblem back on, good luck finding any of those
screws with the funky square heads!
> Don
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