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At 03:07 PM 7/17/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Let me know what you use to secure the grill cloth.
>I did one of my R's in a gold cloth, also from VG, and I used spray contact 
>cement to hold it. Now I find it is letting loose all over the place & 
>sagging. Looks like I have to yank the whole grill & the waterfalls & redo 
>it some day.
>Any clues on how to go about this to get a nice job? What do you use to 
>secure it? Has anyone tried the bit about wetting first to pre-shrink the 
>cloth, or even starch (I think some radio restorers do that).
        I recently did an M100C and remembered previous frustration and poor
results. Determined not to repeat this, I took a rectangle of medium weight
1/4" grid wire mesh and stapled it across the grille board, around the edges
and a few at intervals in the middle area, where the slots are. 
        I masked the whole rest of the cabinet with paper and then laid it flat
on its back. By myself (a helper probably wouldn't have hurt), I sprayed the
grid-covered grille board liberally and then pressed the grille cloth onto the
mesh, starting at the bottom and moving towards the top. 
        The finished results were much better than other earlier attempts. I
used the gold cloth from Victory. I'll do it this way in the future- maybe I'll
get even better at it!

        Good luck & skill too. 
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