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Mon Jul 17 15:07:12 PDT 2000

Let me know what you use to secure the grill cloth.

I did one of my R's in a gold cloth, also from VG, and I used spray contact 
cement to hold it. Now I find it is letting loose all over the place & 
sagging. Looks like I have to yank the whole grill & the waterfalls & redo 
it some day.

Any clues on how to go about this to get a nice job? What do you use to 
secure it? Has anyone tried the bit about wetting first to pre-shrink the 
cloth, or even starch (I think some radio restorers do that).


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>On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Bob E. wrote:
> > I'm drooling over this Seeburg that is up on eBay right now:
> >
> > http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=384497299
> >
> > Is that grille cloth accurate?  And the side finish?  Even if not, it 
> > to be a beautiful job.  On a related note, I understand that the 100J 
> > the reworked grille of the R, but there seem to be other differences 
>The grillecloth is not accurate, nor is the side finish.  The original
>grillecloth is a light gold.  The sidecovers have a burl finish on the
>front which also matches the small triangles to the side of the title
>board.  The rear portion of the side finish is a very light woodgrain
>finish, almost like a piclked or bleached woodgrain.  I'm in the process
>of restoring an R, and have both the bright gold and regular gold cloth
>from Victory Glass.  I'm shooting for close to original on this machine
>so will probably go with the regular gold, although the bright gold is
> > Questions:
> > 1) Does the J have five speakers too?  It looks like they do not have 
> > circular grilles on the sides.
>The J doesn't have the side speakers.  I don't know if it is similar to
>the front speakers of the R with two woofers and a tweeter, or just a
>single woofer and a tweeter.  The J grille is much less ornate than the
>R.  No glass dividers, no waterfalls.  A plain grillecloth with an
>expanded metal rectangle in front as a shield against being kicked in.
> > 2) Is the "backdrop" for the mechanism of the J the same gold-colored
> > plastic with horizontal creases like on the R?  It looks like a 
> > pattern on some of the J's I have seen.
>It isn't the broad horizontal flutes like on the R, but it's a similar
>parabolic sweep.
>The J and R share the same basic mechanism, dome and side glass, etc.
>The main differences are the five speakers and the grille treatment
>in the R, and the cabinet side finish.
>A couple of reasonable photos, although not much that's reasonable on
>the rest of this website at:
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