[Jukebox-list] Gorgeous "R"

Jens A. Hultgren drjukebx at algonet.se
Mon Jul 17 15:29:48 PDT 2000

"Bob E." wrote:
> I'm drooling over this Seeburg that is up on eBay right now:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=384497299
> Is that grille cloth accurate?  

Nope, should be off-white 

And the side finish? 

Certainly not!

 Even if not, it looks
> to be a beautiful job.  On a related note, I understand that the 100J has
> the reworked grille of the R, but there seem to be other differences too.

Remember, it is 100J, not HF100J. J was the budget model for 1954-55.
So, no side speakers. Many differences in design. The backdrop on a J is
silvercoloured, with a different pattern. Mech cover is yellow with a
red front medallion. Title strip frame is gold - so the colours are to
some extent reversed from a R, where you have the backdrop gold and the
title frame silver.
  Main difference is the grille, of course. The J has the advantage of
being nearly indestructible, no matter how hard you kick it :)
  It is a nice colourful jukebox. But the HF100R is the classic, not the

 The reversing of the colours reminds me of Rockola 1448-1454, where you
find the same thing. Probably they "borrowed" this idea from Seeburg
also, as they did with the whole design.
 				Jens (gotta love Rockola, too)
> Questions:
> 1) Does the J have five speakers too?  It looks like they do not have the
> circular grilles on the sides.
> 2) Is the "backdrop" for the mechanism of the J the same gold-colored
> plastic with horizontal creases like on the R?  It looks like a different
> pattern on some of the J's I have seen.
>         --Bob
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