[Jukebox-list] Gorgeous "R"

Bob E. bobhsc at halted.com
Mon Jul 17 12:37:37 PDT 2000

I'm drooling over this Seeburg that is up on eBay right now:


Is that grille cloth accurate?  And the side finish?  Even if not, it looks
to be a beautiful job.  On a related note, I understand that the 100J has
the reworked grille of the R, but there seem to be other differences too.

1) Does the J have five speakers too?  It looks like they do not have the
circular grilles on the sides.

2) Is the "backdrop" for the mechanism of the J the same gold-colored
plastic with horizontal creases like on the R?  It looks like a different
pattern on some of the J's I have seen.

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