[Jukebox-list] Wierd tool needed

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Sun Jul 16 13:05:01 PDT 2000

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, BSA King wrote:

> I ferreted around & got a couple of sets of old drive-in speakers that I am 
> going to buff & mount on some 50's colored poles & use them for extension 
> speakers.
> Problem is, these guys have a wierd screw with about 20 (more or less - I'm 
> sure they are a 'standard' - of some sort) little star points on it (capiche 
> - sort of like a 20 point Torx head screw).
> I could drill them with a bit of effort, probably mess things up, but prefer 
> to get the proper tool.
> Anyone know where to get it & what it might called?

I did a quick search for security screws, found a couple of three-slot
angled things, Torx with a pin, Allen with a pin, Phillips with a pin, 
and a seven-sided Torx.  If you can jam a flat-blade screwdriver into 
two opposing slots, you can probably remove them and replace with a
standard bolt.  

> (Slow day by the pool , drinking rum, vacations). BTW, these wirless Lans 
> are great, but you can't see laptop screens worth beans in the sunshine - or 
> maybe it's the rum?   :^))

Don't have any "rum" 45s.  Jukebox people should stick to Margaritaville,
scotch and soda, tequila sunrise, etc. 

Hmmm... can you fill a Seeburg with 50 records about drinks?  I loaned
a box to a friend for her wedding, her theme song was Unchained Melody.
Came up with 17 different ones.  Vito and the Salutations was the clear
winner on the popularity meter. 

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