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Dave -

I can certainly identify with that, we have very few days that are decent 
here ourselves. It has been nothing but rain here in southern Ontario 
(Canada) this year - a really poor summer so far. Lat year was great with a 
lot of 80 degree nights. This year daytime highs have been like 20 degrees 
C. Today it is a blistering(?) 25 - they were predicting rain (yet again) 
and thunderstorms, but it has not happened so far. Wierd thing is the 
farmer's almanac is still calling for a hot & dry summer - when guys!?

I had the fireplace on a night a few weeks ago - been really bizarre, so you 
are not alone there.

As for wages - I think  Canada is basically a third world country - wages 
are lower, taxes are (much) higher - like really much higher than the US. 
The quality of living is not what the US has. When I visit the US, I feel 
like when we used to visit Dominican Republic, or other places. We have an 
extremely low dollar and the standard of living is not there. Can't comment 
on the UK though in that regard.

BTB, I am on vacations - I don't usually spend my life by the pool... except 
when I talk to Bob!

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>You Guys across the pond make me laugh. You want to try living in England
>where we get half the wage and pay twice the price for everything.
>As for sitting around the pool. It would be nice if we had some sun to be
>able to sit outside in. July and it hasn't stopped raining so cold i've had
>to turn the central heating on again.
>Dave Bird
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