[Jukebox-list] Wierd tool needed

BSA King bsaking at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 12:49:21 PDT 2000

Ah - Bob - part of my day time job is technology assessment. The technology 
must be tested in 'real life' conditions, under adverse circumstances (geez 
- does that sound official enough - and this is adverse...!).  If I had to 
by this stuff on my own I would be using two cans and a piece of wire!

The rum is good quality though (maybe too good ...) - brought thru the duty 
free on the way back from Mrytle Beach - great place if you like mini-putt 
and have a 7 year old in tow - no jukes though!

And - it is the butler's day off, so he is by poolside (doing what he does 
best - absolutely nothing!) since the son is at day camp .... (quand le chat 
est parti - les sourcis dancent ...)

Unfortunately the Beemer is at the St. Martin's residence - I had to get rid 
of it because it ran out of gas and needed the tire pressure checked anyhow.

Good to hear from you again. And - I'm still having problems seeing that 

Bruce in Canada (sometimes BRRRRR! - but not today)

>From: "Bob" <bobfav at home.com>
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>Subject: Re: [Jukebox-list] Wierd tool needed
>Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 15:09:33 -0500
>Bruce a.k.a. BSA king - I think is holding back a little.   He tells us how
>he "can't yet afford this or that"  but he is by the pool communication on 
>wirelss LAN.  I suggest that this newsgroup include Bruce in the "top tier"
>pricing category from now on!
>Bruce - is your butler shining up the Bimmer today?
>Bob in RI, slaving away at work, just checking e-mail during break.
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>Date: Friday, July 14, 2000 1:30 PM
>Subject: [Jukebox-list] Wierd tool needed
> >I may have posed this question before, but if I did, I never got a
> >satisfactory answer for it.
> >
> >I ferreted around & got a couple of sets of old drive-in speakers that I 
> >going to buff & mount on some 50's colored poles & use them for extension
> >speakers (after I replace them with best quality speakers) for a juke in
> >gazebo (probably an SE-100 - plain Jane, but nice little Seeburg box, 
> >beside the pool.
> >
> >Problem is, these guys have a wierd screw with about 20 (more or less - 
> >sure they are a 'standard' - of some sort) little star points on it
> >- sort of like a 20 point Torx head screw).
> >
> >I could drill them with a bit of effort, probably mess things up, but
> >to get the proper tool.
> >
> >Anyone know where to get it & what it might called?
> >
> >(Slow day by the pool , drinking rum, vacations). BTW, these wirless Lans
> >are great, but you can't see laptop screens worth beans in the sunshine -
> >maybe it's the rum?   :^))
> >
> >TIA,
> >
> >Bruce in Canada, AKA BSAKing
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