[Jukebox-list] AMi I dome glass and flourescent lighting.

Don Kasbohm donkaz at mailcity.com
Sun Jul 9 01:57:22 PDT 2000

I just managed to sucessfully transplant a dome glass from a pink 120 selection into my green 200 selection frame. I had originally just planned to swap the trim and title holders, but my frame was in much better shape, and dissassembling the frames proved to be nowhere as difficult as I had feared. 
My machine was missing the "multi-horn hi fidelity" thingamabob when I aquired it. I am now regretting doing all this other stuff before ordering this piece and replacing it whilst everything else was already apart. Is there an easy way to remove the green glass "bubble" on the top and get inside to repalce this piece w/o having to take half the frame apart again?
Also, I decided to try and test the dome light just to make sure that I had it put back together again properly. But when I plugged it in, the lamp flashed like it was a camera, and then the bulb was toast. I repeated this three times with the same results (It sure is nice to be doing something like this at work with a whole case of F20's handy when something like this happens!). What's wrong here??


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