[Jukebox-list] Administrivia: New list server - Please read!

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Tue Feb 29 22:37:45 PST 2000

We're migrating from Majordomo to the GNU mailman for our mailing lists,
also combining lists on many of our domains.  This will result in a few 
minor changes, and numerous improvements.  

First, there is now a web interface for archives, subscription and 
unsubscription requests, and other niceties including a digest version
and the ability to turn off mail for a while if you go on vacation.  

Second, each member will have a password for maintaining subscription 
info.  So, if you change providers you can cancel the old one without 
needing to do so _from_ the account that no longer exists, as long as
you remember your password.  

Third, the subscription process for new subscribers is run in a 
"confirmed" mode.  This means that when you first subscribe to the
list, you'll receive a confirmation notice which must be returned 
in order to add you.  Of course you're all already subscribed so
this doesn't matter.  There has been a problem with pranksters sending
forged subscriptions to mailing lists in others' names, and with the
spam problems we've seen on the net, this has become an issue. 

Please take a moment to go to 


Enter your e-mail address and select the "Edit options" button at 
the bottom of the page.  You've each been assigned a default random 
password, so click on the button "mail my password to me" to find out
what it is.  You can then change your password, hide your name from 
the subscriber list, sign up for digest mode, etc.  

The old address of "jukebox-list at west.net" will remain, or you can
use the new "jukebox-list at lists.netlojix.com" if you choose.  If you
choose to ignore this message and do nothing, you'll still get 
mailings as usual.

Please report any bugs or feedback to me, and keep on jukin'!

Jay Hennigan  -  Network Administration  -  jay at west.net 
NetLojix Communications, Inc.  NASDAQ: NETX  -  http://www.netlojix.com/
WestNet:  Connecting you to the planet.  805 884-6323 

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