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Tue Feb 29 16:13:43 PST 2000

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>                     From looking at pictures, I see that the Rowe and
> Rockola machines seem to have very similar changer mechs.  How do they keep
> the records from falling out when the magazine spins? 

The newer Rock-Olas and all the AMIs have a belt which runs around
the circumference of the "ferris wheel" that holds the records in
place.  Strategically-placed pulleys lift the belt away from the
record magazine as it approaches the transfer arm.  In the visible-
mechanism AMIs, the belt forms sort of a doubled U-shape around the
magazine, so it's not visible to the customer.  In the enclosed-
mechanism machines the belt just has a couple pulleys above the
magazine to lift it above the transfer arm.

The older Rock-Olas have a little gate above every record slot in
the magazine.  As the magazine turns, these gates are opened and
closed as the record slot nears and passes the vertical position.
I've never owned a Rock-Ola machine, but this seems an awfully
complicated method for doing this (and the Rock-Ola mechanism
predates the AMI one, so it can't be a case of avoiding patents)
but I guess it must have been reliable enough in the field.

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