[Jukebox-list] Re: one-more-time

edinman edinman at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 29 14:44:17 PST 2000

> I thought Rock-Ola stopped producing
>juke boxes some time in the 80s as well, concentrating on vending
>machines.  When the US government effectively outlawed cigarette
>vending machines, the family sold the business and jukebox manufacture
>resumed.  Am I right here, or suffering from memory fade? :-)

Rock-Ola never stopped making jukeboxes to my knowledge. However, they were
down to only one 45 model by the late 80s and lagged a year or two behind
the other companies in introducing their first total CD model.

Shortly before David Rockola's death at age 95 he sold the jukebox division
to Glenn Streeter (in 1992).  The vending division, which primarily makes
soda vending machines and parts, was split off as a separate company which
I believe still operates in Chicago.

Over the years Rockola dabbled in everything from scales to firearms to
video games, so it is possible he made cigarette machines at one point, but
not anytime recently I don't think.


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