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Dan Kramer deekay at sierratel.com
Sat Dec 23 11:12:28 PST 2000

At 06:55 AM 12/23/00 , you wrote:
>I'm looking for a copy of Billy Squires' "Christmas is The Time To Say I 
>Love You", Bruce Springsteens version of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town", 
>and "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy" by Buck Owens. Does anyone have (or know 
>where I can get) these on 7" vinyl? Thanks in adavance, and once again enjoy 
>your holidays!
        The first two should be available as reissues from FastHits Music 
9ww.fasthits.com) for about $3.00 each. The Buck record may not be reissued;
sorry, I don't have a spare, just one.

        If you want to settle for seventeenth best version of that song, Barf
Gooks put it out a few years ago, and I'll bet FastHits has this.

        My best fave new Xmas singles this year (among over 30 I dug up during

'Christmas Time's A-Coming'     Bill Monroe     ' 52 Decca dj
'Tell Santa'                    Ivy Ellen       ' 60 Felsted
'Jingle Yells'                  Gift Rappers    ' 80s  done with a chain
saw for
the chorus rhythm!

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