[Jukebox-list] Holiday Thoughts

Farmer.Bruce at ic.gc.ca Farmer.Bruce at ic.gc.ca
Tue Dec 12 20:09:59 PST 2000

That is a wonderful thought Bob - I cannot help out WRT to the record, but
just the other day I was browsing through some old e-mails I got from Tom
providing me with some assistance and thinking fondly of him  .....

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Hi Guys
I had a thought here, but please keep this "between us."  Last year Tom
Datri asked me if I had any 78's with the cartoon character Tweety Bird that
he could buy for his sister.  I don't think he ever found any.  I am in
contact with her, and she is understandably in the dumps as the holiday
If anyone has one of Tweety or similar, would you sell it to me ASAP?  I may
want have you mail it to her directly to save time.  I am happy to pay for
it, but could use the help in finding it.    I think it would be a nice
touch.  I would like it to be a surprise.
I would gladly give mine up if I only had one.

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